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Finally, it’s your turn to get a front seat pass where

the real action is and plunder the markets right along

with filthy-rich, big company CEO’s... and... billion-dollar hedge funds, pension funds and other institutions now forced (by law) to hand you their mega-profit stock

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Dear Friend,


I’ve bitten my tongue far too long and now I’m letting the cat out of the bag...


Come closer. Listen: You’re about to find out how the big money players make millions of dollars in the stock market. Regardless of market conditions (whether it goes up or down) a small clique of investors fills their vault with more money than you can imagine. Like clockwork. All while the “little guy” loses his lifesavings.


The truth is this secret Wall Street society has (up till recently) kept you and me out of the loop. Behind closed doors, in Manhattan penthouses, they’ve quietly sucked the markets dry and left the rest of us the scraps.


Things are about to change. In the next few minutes, I am (with your permission) going to show you how to become the...


Ultimate Stock Market Insider!


I’ll show you how to get free access to these secrets.


A word of caution: This is time-sensitive information. Only a handful of people know about it outside of the clique. I’m one of them. You can be too. Maybe. Because I’m taking a tiny group of regular investors with me on the money tidal wave. Many will want to join us. Few will make it.


Nothing like this has ever been available to the general public. Ever. These financial secrets can set you up for life. Which is why the elite are screaming bloody murder.


The masses are not supposed to know the inside workings of the stock market. America’s shrewdest investors have used everything at their disposal to keep the rest of us in the dark. Because this is where the heart of capitalism resides.


Despite the fact these little-known trading secrets are now out there hardly anyone has a clue. Your stock broker, investment advisor or banker doesn’t know either. Actually, they do, sort of... but... can’t tell you how to profit from this situation. Armed with this information you just might be able to say goodbye to money worries. Perhaps forever.


You’ll see what I mean...


For now, all I ask is your undivided attention for a few short minutes. I need you to follow me here... and... you’ll understand why...


The Core Money-Making Principle At

Work For The Rich Is Now In Your Hands!


The thing is there’s no such thing as a completely risk-free way to trade. But regular investors hand their money to some broker or advisor and hope (pray is more like it) that guy knows what he’s doing with their money. I’m here to tell you stock brokers, by and large, know little to nothing about making money trading.


Sure they have the “credentials”. So what? The fact somebody obtains a securities license does not mean they can take your money and make it grow.


Think about the Bernie Madoff scam of the century. Here’s a guy everyone (top brokers, investment banks, spoiled-rich celebrities) trusted with their money. Good old Bernie didn’t know one iota about making money in stocks.


He cheated people by running the biggest Ponzi scheme in history. Reports indicate he stole something like $50 billion (that’s $50,000,000,000!) from trusting (more like naïve) investors.


The rich do not... I repeat DO NOT... abdicate their lifesavings to anyone!


Instead they use the principle of leverage to gain profits with small manageable investments of their money. In other words, they put up a few bucks in situations that can make them multiples.


These “situations” are based on hush-hush tips from insiders.


This is important and I’ll get back to it shortly.


Anyway, the point is this: To make a killing in the stock market, you must follow what the big money is doing. Invest like the rich and get rich yourself.


That’s my motto!


In my opinion, the masses of investors are being taken advantage of by their so-called “trusted” advisors. If they knew who to really trust... I believe... 90% of the financial “experts” would be out of a job. You would not need them anymore.


Consistent gains are not the result of buying stocks and holding on to them forever. Not in the current economy. Probably never again will long term investing work.


There’s a better (much better) way. I don’t mean short term, crazy day trading either.  You can lose your entire savings account in the blink of an eye playing that game. Yeah, there’s money to be made... but... you have to be real careful.


No. None of that stuff is what the rich do. Instead, they play in a totally different world. A world of consistent easy profits outsiders are not privy to. Where small, almost insignificant, trades turn into heaps of money. Time and time again. The losses (yes there are some on occasion) are tiny. The gains are nothing short of breathtaking.


I’m going to tell you where the money is... and... how to grab fistfuls.


I guarantee you the few minutes it takes to go over this report will jump-start your greed-glands like nothing else. You’ll realize how to secure your financial future.


Without big risk.


Without guessing.


Without getting ripped off.


Chess Prodigy From Peru Exposes

The Biggest Hidden Financial Profit

Center In The World!


My name is Manny Backus.


Since I was 15-years-old I’ve been trading the markets. I am not a stock broker. I am not an investment advisor. I do not have a securities license... nor... do I have a fancy business degree.


Because, in the real world, those things are simply a “smoke screen”. People tend to believe in people who have certain qualifications. However, the so-called

“qualifications” most stock market experts have don’t amount to a hill of beans. When it comes to trading stocks for profit, certificates and licenses are nothing more than wall dressing. They may look nice but that’s about the end of it.


I got real good at trading in the stock market. How? By actually risking my own money until I learned how to extract big wads of cash from my trades.


I got so good, in fact, that in June of 2002, I started offering my Portfolio Crafter alert service. This service was based on turning a profit from the stock market within a three-week period at the most.


Then I started offering yet another alert service called First Hour Trading. The idea behind this service is to make money during the very first 60 minutes the markets are open.

Needless to say (but I’ll say it anyway), the members of these two services are thrilled with the results.


At an early age, I was trained to become a chess champion in my homeland of Peru. My overactive mind (I have a verified I.Q. of 157) had an easy time grasping complex chess theory. A few years later, I started dabbling in the stock market in my early teens and fell in love with trading. The systematic, highly analytical approach I use to trade stocks has been successful both with a medium-term swing trading strategy (Portfolio Crafter)... and... with a short-term day trading strategy (First Hour Trading).


For all intents and purposes, I am one of the few who actually make money trading stocks for a living. And I do it trading two different strategies. So do my alert service members.


But, not too long ago, I stumbled across the...


Lowest Risk, Highest Reward Trading

Secret You’re Not Supposed To Know About!


Let me ask you a simple question: How much money do you think you could make... IF... you knew the exact stocks big company CEO’s and other big institutions (like hedge funds and pensions funds who have billions of dollars to play with at their disposal) were trading?


You see, company insiders and large institutions are the real barometer of the markets. Research, based on real-time signals, conclusively indicates following the insiders is the best way to trade.


By copying the exact trades insiders are making you get the most accurate picture of what will happen to a company’s stock price.


Really, it’s “uncommon” common sense.


Corporate big wigs possess several key factors making them the ideal model for successful trading. I think it’s important you understand these factors. They are...


1.    Exclusive information. Insiders know the “ins and outs” of their companies and industry better than anyone. Even better than Harvard trained analysts. Therefore, if they risk their own money buying or dumping the company stock, that’s a surefire indication you should consider jumping on this bandwagon of cash.


2.    Ability to take advantage of an opportunity. Big corporations and funds have the capital and contacts to uncover and take advantage of hot deals. They know and can pounce on trades most of us never consider.


3.    Success-oriented mindset. Hey, these deep-pocket insiders didn’t get to the top for no good reason. They are winners. They are trained in the fine art of understanding risk and how to control it. And they almost always go against the crowd.


In other words, giant corporate CEO’s and other large institutions are the...


Ideal Successful Investor!


Following their lead is the smartest way to high-profit and limited risk stock investing. As long as you know what you’re doing.


Before you think I’m “blowing smoke”, allow me to share with you five real-world examples. This is the kind of hot insider information you can access too...


·         SandRidge Energy, Inc. (SD) – According to publicly available reports, insiders gobbled up millions of dollars of their company’s stock toward the end of 2007 and early part of 2008. Within a few short months, SandRidge Energy stock price rose by over 100% as a result.


·         American Pacific Corp (APFC) – Again, public reports indicate, a group of insiders purchased shares in the company during the first part of 2006. The stock shot up by 100% shortly thereafter.


·         Capstead Mortgage Corp. (CMO) – Insiders at CMO purchased stock in the company in 2006 and 2007 skyrocketing the stock by 100%.


·         Gold Inc. (FCX) – The share price of this company exploded by 90% after company insiders shelled out $62 million for FCX stock in the first quarter of 2007.


·         Systemax Inc. (SYX) – Within a few weeks of insider buying during March of 2008 the share price of this company advanced by 70%.


That’s just the tip of the iceberg!


Hundreds of these kinds of insider trading deals happen daily. You should also know, according to one report by financial experts, when executives bought shares in their companies, the stock tended to...


Outperform The Market By Almost 

9% Over The Next Year!


What does that tell you?


Experts agree the surest way to big money trading is knowing exactly what company insiders are doing... and then... riding their coattails all the way to the bank. Piggybacking their hot trades into consistent chunks of cash.


As you can see from the examples above, whenever a stock price booms in the short to intermediate future, insider trading occurred. Almost always.


Sounds good, doesn’t it? It would seem all you need to do is find out what the insiders are doing and follow in their footsteps. However, it’s not that easy. There’s more (much more) to the process of doing this right if you don’t want to get wiped out. And, of course, 99% of regular investors don’t have the resources or the stomach to do what it takes.


WARNING: Don’t Even Think About

Trying To Figure Out How The Insiders

Trade Until You Read This...


So far I’ve pointed out all the positives to following the insider track to investing in the stock market. And every word is true. Obviously, this is the way to fatten your bank account as an investor... without... losing your shirt.


Despite that fact, a few not-so-obvious pitfalls lay hidden in this jungle.  


For instance...


1.    Insider trading is regulated by the U.S. government. Whenever someone  owns 10% or more stock in a company they must (by law) disclose their buy or sell transactions. But... and this is a BIG BUT... unless you know how to interpret the publicly available data about trades executed by insiders you won’t know if this is a trade you should follow or not.


2.    You’d better be prepared to burn the midnight oil – pouring over annual company reports, reading the fine print (with a magnifying glass) about executive compensations, investigating special loans and tracking down extra covenants regarding non-sale of stock around IPO, mergers, acquisitions, etc. – in order to determine which insider plays will make money. Because, guess what, sometimes the insiders get it wrong too.


3.    What I’m about to say next will take you for a loop. Here’s why: You want the scoop on the stocks insiders are trading. But, what you don’t want is to trade those stocks. There’s something else you want to trade that is directly affected by the stocks insiders decide to buy or sell. This “something else” gives you the highest leverage with the lowest possible risk.


Stocks are way too risky... and... less profitable.


If you make a bad move you stand to lose thousands of dollars in a flash. A much better way exists to take advantage of insider stock picks.


Why Not Play In A $400+ Trillion Market

With Unlimited Profit Potential?


I’m talking about trading a certain financial “vehicle” that...


·         Allows you to leverage small, manageable chunks of capital into huge profits quickly and easily! You never have to mortgage your lifesavings again. Put up as little as $100... and... turn it into thousands or tens of thousands of dollars without breaking a sweat.


·         Minimizes your risk to the bare minimum. You never lose more than the initial amount you put up. So, if you start with $100, that’s all you could ever lose even if the pick nosedives on you.


·         Lets you profit from the stock market whether it goes up or down. Whichever way the market moves you stand to make money.


·         Generates quick profits within a few days to a few weeks. You don’t have to wait a lifetime to see returns you can take to the bank.


·         Gives you an “unfair” advantage over other investors. Because it lets you pounce on insider trading trends as they are happening.


What I’m talking about, of course, is trading the options on the insider stock picks about to explode. Options put you in almost total control.


BIG POINT: The most exciting part is the the profit potential. You see, with stocks your profit potential is somewhat limited. Not with options. Let me give you an example to prove my point...


Pretend you traded XYZ stock. You bought 100 shares at $15.00 and the price went up to $20.00. That means you made $500. But, had you traded the option on that same stock, you could have made $3,350. Which is 570% MORE by trading the option... instead of... trading the stock itself.


When I say options give you an unlimited profit potential (with low downside risk) I mean it. The example above proves my point perfectly.


Of course, the real problem for the average investor is all the stuff we talked about earlier. You’ve got to spend time researching insiders, identifying their picks, analyzing and interpreting those trades, watching the stock market like a hawk... and... basically... give up your life to make a few bucks as a stock market options investor.


Who wants to do that?


I mean, you’ve got a life, right? And you probably want to live it while taking a hefty wad of cash from the stock market every now and again. Maybe daily.


Well, I’ve got the answer right here...


Introducing Options Insider:

If You Can Spare As Little As 15 Minutes

A Day, I’ll Spoon Feed You High-Profit Options

Trades The Insiders Want To Keep From You!


I’m so excited about this alert service.


Because it obliterates all the reasons most “outsiders” can’t make consistent money in the stock market. I do all the research of the insiders, market watching, complex chart analysis and all the busy work for you.


Every day the market is open I’ll tell you which options to buy... when to buy them... and when to sell. All the guesswork is gone for good.


I don’t care if you’ve never traded a stock or option in your life.


Doesn’t matter.


Just follow my picks – the ones I trade myself – and you don’t have to know a thing about stock or options trading.


That’s because I take the time to: (1) select only the big movers... (2) determine the extent of the expected move... and... (3) let you know how to trade that big move in either (or both) directions. It doesn’t get any easier.


There’s nothing to learn. No time-consuming market monitoring. No pulling your hair out trying to figure out which options to trade. No more stealing time away from work, family, friends or the things you’d rather be doing.


All the pain and agony of regular trading is eliminated.


Instead, as an Options Insider member, you get the best of all worlds. Fast, easy, limited risk by trading options... and... all the stomach-churning, mind-numbing grunt work done for you. The only “job” you have is to log in to the member’s area on the password protected website... decide if you want to trade the options plays (yes, I give you more than one) for that day... and... call your broker to place the trade.


The idea is to pocket at least a couple of hundred bucks (or more) each day.




Keep in mind, the markets are dominated by...


The Two Worst Enemies Of Investors:

Fear And Greed!


With my alert service, these two robbers of wealth and peace of mind won’t siphon money out of your trading account. I keep things sane. I only go for the high-probability trades. If I’m even a little skittish about a pick I drop it like a lead balloon. By trading for myself... and... for all the members who rely on me... I must make level-headed decisions.


How much can you make?




My focus is to bank $200 (maybe more) on average in my own account with the same picks I give you every single day the market is open.


Some days we’ll be up. Other days we’ll be down.


At the end of the trading week, we’d average a respectable profit... and... turn our attention to enjoying the weekend. The other investors (the outsiders) will be sweating bullets as the market swings up or down. Not you or I. No way.


While those guys are getting clobbered, you and I will rest assured a river of consistent profits is flowing to us. Risks are minimized. Potential profits are maximized. That’s the smart way to invest in these uncertain times.


You can always ratchet up profits by investing more than I recommend on each options play. That's your choice.


The best part is you can access my exclusive alert service, Options Insider...


Absolutely RISK-FREE!


Here’s how it works...


I explained earlier that I’m looking for a few good investors with the desire to profit from legal insider trading. I’m taking a few people with me on this amazing little “money adventure”.


It’ll be fun.


It’ll be crazy.


It’ll blow you away.


Ultimately, what I’m going to create is a little community of like-minded investors. And, I figured the best way for me to prove to you this is for real is to give you full access to Options Insider risk-free for 30 days.


Try it out. Place the limited risk options trades I give you. Make money from the stock market on a consistent basis for once. Hey, why not? You’ve got a full 30 days to test everything out. Then... and only then... decide if sticking with the alert service makes sense.


If you profit, stay on board.


Two important points...


Number one: Keep in mind, this is not some sordid “get-rich-quick” scheme. Not at all. On the other hand, this is a reliable system for taking piles of cash out of the stock market on a limited risk, maximum profits basis over the long haul.


Number Two: This is also not a “stock trading system”. You don’t have to learn anything. Because I provide you with the very same options picks I’m trading. This is an alert service that hands you the insider trades on a silver platter.


Before you can decide if you should even give it a shot, let me explain all the “perks” you get because...


Membership Has Its Privileges!


As soon as you take me up on the free trial offer, you’ll receive the following...


   Instant access to the Options Insider website. An email containing a secret username and password will be sent to you. With this information you’ll have unlimited access to the members only website. This is where I post the daily options plays and other time-sensitive trading information.


   Two daily options alerts. I give you my analysis of the picks for the day. I give you my personal precise entry points. I give you the charts I poured over so you understand why I am picking certain options. You take the picks you want to trade and follow my exact advice. In 15 to 30 minutes a day you’re on your way to profitable options trading.


   Three free reports. The purpose of these reports is to get you up and running with how options work. Each report covers a specific... but important... aspect of successful options trading. Here’s what each report is about...


FREE GIFT #1 -- "The Ultimate Guide to the World of Options Trading"

This down-to-earth guide employs short, concise chapters to explain what options are, the various types of options, how to trade options, multi-options strategies, and even how to open an options trading acount with an online broker if you still don't have one.


FREE GIFT #2 -- "The 7 Habits of Highly Successful Traders"

If you’re not achieving the results you deserve in the market, don’t worry … I’ll let you in on “The 7 Habits of Highly Successful Traders.” You see, through my experience, I’ve discovered that top traders around the world actually leave clues to their success.

These clues, if followed correctly, will guide you through the minefields of the markets and lead you to trading success. Unfortunately, there are only two ways to learn these lessons, either by the “School of Hard Knocks” which is both expensive and time consuming, or you can discover them in this book.


FREE GIFT #3 -- "The Power and the Profit of the S-Curve"

The essence of all stock trading is boiled down to this essential, visual pattern. This pattern is repeated every day in the stock market and once you see it, you'll never forget it. A great introduction to stock trading using technical indicators, whether you're a beginner or an experienced trader.


These free bonuses are yours to keep no matter what you decide.


Pay Only If You Profit 100%

No Risk Money-Back Guarantee!


What can you expect from Options Insider?


Well, unless you have some sort of mental or emotional problem that prevents you from following my advice, you should do well trading options.


Making the above statement is one thing. Proving it is an entirely different matter. So I decided to offer the most generous guarantee I can possibly extend.


It works like this...


If you're not completely thrilled with the profits you earn from my Options Insider alerts, or if you're dissatisfied with the Options Insider service in any way, all you have to do is send an e-mail on or before the 30th day of your trial period to cancellation@wealthpire.com, and you will be issued a refund of your subscription fee immediately.

So why don't you give it a try? Sign-up for the 30-day risk-free trial now.

I further guarantee that ... after the initial 30-day trial period is over, and you've opted to continue with your Options Insider subscription, should you choose to cancel on any given month, you will be given a refund of the unused portion of your subscription.


Either way, you get to keep the free bonus reports. That’s just my way of thanking you for giving the service a try.


IMPORTANT: The monthly membership fee will probably increase over time. However, if you join now, your membership fee will never go up. But I can't do this for too many new members.


And Now For The Bad News!


Believe it or not, I’ve thought long and hard about the best way to offer Options Insider. Finally, I came to the conclusion it’s best to make it an exclusive service.


I am only going to allow 450 total members on the inside.


Why so few? The main reason is because too many people trading the same options would dilute the overall effect. I want every member to make as much money as possible. Therefore, I am not going to create competition within the service.


When I reach capacity (at 450 members)... then... no one else gets in.


I have to do it this way to keep things fair for all members. 


What You Should Do Next!


Okay, that about wraps it up.


You now know the single biggest secret to making consistent profits in the stock market. Follow the exact stock plays of the insiders... and... trade the options on those stock plays for high leverage, low risk, maximum profits investing.


You also know that Options Insider is the easiest and fastest way for you to make a small or large fortune as an options trader.


The reasons for that are simple: (1) No experience is necessary... (2) No researching the insiders or the stocks they pick... (3) No worrying about when to enter or exit a trade... (4) No watching the ticker on the computer screen all day long... (5) None of the hassles, headaches or stress associated with regular stock trading.


I take care of all the mundane (but necessary) busy work. You get to profit from the options trades I place with my own money.


In addition to all of this, you get a Risk-Free 30-Day Trial of Options Insider. During the trial period, it’s very likely you could make enough to pay for an entire year’s subscription. Or enough to pay for several months.


Whatever the case may be, you risk nothing by giving my options alert service a fair try. Time is running out fast. Once I reach 450 members the doors are shut forever. Get on board now and start milking the stock market for all it’s worth.


You’re going to love this...


Click Here To Take Advantage
Of The RISK-FREE 30-Day Trial!





Manny Backus, President

WealthPire, Inc.

3435 Ocean Park Blvd. #107 PMB 334
Santa Monica, CA 90405


P.S. You may not realize it... but... using the insider stock market information I’ll reveal you could literally secure your financial future. Plus, you’ve got nothing to lose by taking advantage of the RISK-FREE 30-Day Trial. In the next 30 days you could make more money from the stock market than you ever though possible. You’ll never know unless you...


Click Here To Take Advantage
Of The RISK-FREE 30-Day Trial!


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